New Istambul Airport Terminal and Apron Capacity declaration

The client required the specialized support of an expert in planning and in particular in capacity analysis for the calculation of the declared capacity of the terminal area of the new airport.

The methodology selected for this study, which is reviewed by different technical bodies and authorities, is that of a detailed dynamic simulation using commercial software.

Leadin has been in charge of managing the exploitation of this tool, providing all the inputs and parameters, flow logic, among others, to perform the analysis. Once the tool has shown the results, Leadin has been in charge of analyzing them, interpreting them and re-launching adjustments to the model until the final results are obtained.

Leadin has led the technical process to determine the capacity of the terminal and associated apron of the New Istanbul Airport. An airport with an initial capacity of 90 million passengers per year and which has come to simulate a traffic of up to 150 million passengers in various scenarios of analysis.

Year: 2021

Client: confidential