Master Plan and Feasibility Study for New Bavaro International Airport (Dominican Republic)

This project is based on the interest of constructing and management of a new private airport to serve the touristic area of Playa Bávaro and surroundings.
Works included in this project were all the studies required to build this new, focusing on the initial planning studies (airport location and feasibility study) and the aeronautical documentation for approval and develop a master plan concept for the airport.
The Master Plan was made up of three phases consisted of:

  – Phase I-Airport Location Analysis to define a decision matrix to select the most suitable location for the new airport based on purchase cost analysis, RWY orientation, earth working, obstacle analysis, urban plans compatibility, airspace compatibility, near tourism areas and environmental studies.
  – Phase II-Feasibility Study to develop the Airport Master Plan proposal layout, the architectural concept and preliminary functional design of passenger terminal building. This phase also includes traffic forecast approach, airport needs / capacity calculations and a promotional video.
  – Phase III- Complementary studies for Feasibility Study have been carried on as review and update the architectural concept of passenger terminal building, redefine its functional design, optimize the airside configuration and finally build up a CAPEX estimation for construction of airport infrastructures.

Client: Eurocontrol
Final Client: Abrisa Group
Year: 2019-2021