Apron, TWY and Airside Design for Riyadh International Airport (Saudi Arabia)

Leadin has developed the geometric configuration of Private Air Saudi Arabia (PASA) apron at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). The overall area of the apron is close to 80,000 sqm. and consists of more than 90 aircraft stands of different aircraft types. The tasks developed by Leadin were as follows:

  – Definition of the aircraft stands in accordance with the client’s fleet mix
  – Development of 7 different apron alternatives and recommendation of preferred alternative
  – Validation of the preferred apron alternative using AviPlan Airside Pro software
  – Apron geometrical setting-out
  – Apron marking definition
  – Hangar layout

Client: AES

Final Client: Private Air Saudi Arabia

Year: 2019