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New Bávaro International Airport,
Dominican Republic

Leadin Aviation Consulting, as part of the consortium formed with Eurocontrol and Estudio FB Arquitectura, is participating in the design of the New Bávaro International Airport in the Dominican Republic.

Leadin Aviation Consulting is proud to announce that it has been selected, together with its partners Eurocontrol (Grupo Apave) and Estudio FB arquitectura, to continue in the next phase of planning and design of the New Bavaro International Airport in the Dominican Republic.


Reference recreation of the future terminal of the new Bavaro International Airport (AIB).

Promoting Tourism and Economic Development

The New Bávaro International Airport will be more than infrastructure; it will be a symbol of the growth and prosperity that awaits the Altagracia region and the entire Dominican Republic.  

The new airport will increase connectivity to and from the country, attracting travelers from around the world and promoting local development, as well as adding value and complementing the existing airport network.

Technological Innovation and Sustainability

The investors in the Bávaro International Airport (AIB) project have made a decisive commitment to an efficient, sustainable and technological infrastructure of which all Dominicans will be proud. In particular, environmental sustainability has been and will be a central pillar at every stage of the planning and design process.

In addition, the incorporation of Mexican airport giant ASUR into AIB's shareholding is a boost for operational efficiency and a deep knowledge of the tourism market and the Caribbean region. The design consortium will work hand in hand with ASUR's experts to transfer all this knowledge to the project, with the goal of making a world-class airport a reality.

Reference recreation of the future terminal of the new Bavaro International Airport (AIB).

A Shared Pride

Eurocontrol, an engineering company with 50 years of experience in the sector, will be responsible for the drafting of civil projects for airfields, urbanization, access and external networks. It will also be in charge of the quality control of the projects and their document management.

Estudio FB Arquitectura, a firm specializing in airport terminals for more than 20 years, is in charge of designing the passenger terminal building and the control tower.

Finally, Leadin Aviation Consulting, a leading firm in the sector in aviation infrastructure planning, design and consulting, is in charge of project coordination, airport planning review, as well as developing the Master Plan and assisting AIB in technical-strategic and operational aspects of the same.

A strategic partnership that reaffirms our commitment to excellence and our passion for delivering projects that have a lasting impact and value for our clients and the society they serve.

Leadin Aviation Consulting is the reference firm for aviation infrastructure planning, design and consulting.

With proven experience in airport projects in multiple corners of the globe, Leadin stands out for the quality of its analysis, the innovation and creativity of its solutions and for the commitment of its members, which they demonstrate in every project in which they participate.

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